The New Generation...A Good Generation?

One of the greatest opportunities that God has given me to do is to impart the knowledge that I have about music with the new generation that rises. I do it both in the school system of the county where I live and at the school of music in which I am the musical director. Every day I have the opportunity to observe and listen to the way in which our childhood has to face and adapt to this changing society that they had to live.Although I can't deny that there are many smiles that I constantly see in the faces of the children while I teach them some musical concept, I cannot deny that unfortunately there is also a sector of our childhood that does not reflect the same smile and the same joy.

The reasons? They are too numerous to write them here. Absent parents, abusive parents both verbally and physically, home atmospheres full of anger, screaming and spiritual oppression, etc. As I said...Too many reasons.

Although the purpose of this writing is not to focus on the reasons why the boy or the girl who plays with your son or daughter does not reflect the smile that yours does but to focus together on constantly and consistently raise a prayer of supplication for each of them and declare words to the spiritual realm that  can slowly change the atmosphere of their homes and their families.

Our childhood, our children or not, needs us more than ever. Our children need spiritual guidance. Our children need an adult to tell them that he loves them and that there are an "invisible" someone who loves them even more. Our children need to know since their early age that they were created with a purpose and that they contain a piece of eternity inside. Our children need to know God as a perfect Father even if they cannot see one in their homes. Our children need to know that they have the ability to heal the sick. Our children need to know that they have the ability to change the mentality of stagnation of their parents. Our children need to understand that since they have being here on earth for a short period of time , they bear more of the atmosphere of the place where they came than the "pollution" this society wants them to learn. Our children need to know the Jesus that you and I carry inside because every time we manifest the Jesus as a "son" we guide them to know God "the father".

So the next time you look at your child or the next time you have the opportunity to see the friend or friend of your child, remind yourself the mission that I wrote in the previous paragraph.

You and I have the future in our hands because if we managed to transform our young aged; we achieve to enjoy our old age...

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