The Sounds Of Heaven

We are witnessing one of the best stages in the role of a worshiper. We are literally seeing the Kingdom of heaven on Earth. Gradually more and more people are becoming aware of the purposes for which they were created. The famous phrase within the sentence that Jesus did "your Kingdom come, do your will on Earth as in heaven" (cf. Matthew 6:10) is taking place within the prayer of every believer.God's original purpose was always to expand the Kingdom of heaven here on Earth. It is for this reason that he created human beings in his image and in his likeness so you "have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the heaven; on domestic animals, wild animals, and all the reptiles that crawl on the ground." (See Genesis 1:26-30).

As part of this identity, we are also being aware about the different sounds that exist in the heavens as part of the worship that is constantly carried out to so that way we achieve the goal to attract the Kingdom of heaven to the Earth.

For many years worship music has been characterized by operating in what is known as a priestly worship. This type of worship is the one that is expressed from Earth to heaven. It is the passionate desire to affect the heart of God with words and sounds of love.

The sounds that are part of the priestly worship are: peace, love, intimacy, celebration, among others. These sounds cause to express to God our most beautiful words and as a result of that we feel his presence in a tender and paternal way. Each melody within these categories invite you to feel peace and feel the love that only he can give.

As a result of the restoration of the office of the Prophet in the 1980s, we are familiarized more with the different functions, activation and dimensions of the Prophet. God has been giving us a fresh revelation about how we can be able to discern his voice and his heart and how to communicate it through spontaneous sounds and melodies. This new concept is known as prophetic worship, a type of music and words that reveals the atmosphere of worship that lives in heaven with the aim of affecting the human being with God's purposes for that very moment.

Within the different reasons for attracting the sounds and melodies of the heart of God are: healing, war, intersection, among others. Each melody within these categories expresses the mind and heart of God and attracts the atmosphere of heavenly worship. They can be used to declare healing, break down and cancel evil spirits, or simply enjoy the spontaneous sound that comes out of the hands of the psalmist.

In these last days God has keep on restoring his prophets and now has been responsible for including the Apostles. Along with this restoration, it has also triggered the revelation of what is known as apostolic worship. This type of worship is characterized by transmitting and communicating the domain and Government of God for a church, a city or a nation. Their melodies and sounds are loaded with the authority of the father and go hand in hand with statements that announce alignment and change of direction to join God's divine purposes to a location specific.


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